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Yerevan is the capital of the Republic of Armenia.
Yerevan is already 2799 years old. The Armenian kingdom of Van - Urartu, or Biainili, was formed in the 9th century B.C. in the basin of Lake Van in the Armenian Highlands. The king Arameh was the founder of the state. The kingdom of Van was one of the most developed states of its age.

During the 5th year of his reign, in 783 BC, King Argishti I founded the fortress-town Erebuni, present-day Yerevan, which became one of the most important administrative and economic centers of the country. The year of Erebuni foundation is accurately known from the survived cuneiform record inscribed on the stone slab. It says, “In the greatness of God Khaldi, Argishti, the son of King Menua,has built this impregnable fortress and called it Erebuni for the power of Biaina land and the horror the enemies. Argishti says: The land was unpopulated, and here I have done great work. In the greatness of the god Khald, Argishti, Menua’s son, powerful king, the king of the country of Biaina, the ruler of the city of Tushpa".

The name of the city of Yerevan goes back to the period of Urartu and originates from the name "Erebuni". It is known from the Urartian studies that the Urartian sound "B" sounds like "V" in Armenian. Thus, the name Erebuni has been transformed and has become Yerevan.

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